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Window on America Centers: A Project of the US Embassy in Ukraine

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"Nurturing Mutual Understanding: Window on America Centers" =
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This blog is intended for WOA center heads, library directors hosting WOA centers, all Ukrainian libraries interested in providing information about the U.S.

Blog "American Express for future leaders" by Deborah Garofalo, Peace Corps Volunteer - http://americanex.wordpress.com

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Space Summer: Discover Earth Together: Lets sum up!

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Hot tour in new Year!
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"Glencoe Sciene" "NGSQ"

The Department of literature in foreign languages presents...


Voice acting for the animation picture "There Once Was a Dog"!


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Valentine`s Day in English Club

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According to the program Windows on America for the Future Leaders library received more than 180 documents books, maps, information CDs about history, culture literature of United States , fiction and scientific literature for children, reference books for students in English.

Staff of the World Resource Center admits with pleasure that new incomes meet the readers' requests of their best users students, who study English profoundly and have special Country Study and Literature courses.

We thank greatly to our donors.


The Kherson Oblast' Childrens Library would like to Thank American organizations and people:

Data: October 29, 2009