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: 10.12.2013


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Story about Colobok and his transformation into a Hedgehog

Other tales - in Ukrainian

Once walked Colobok through the forest.

The light wind blew. The sky was blue and very clear. Colobok rolled singing his song.

Suddenly he saw a fox. Colobok took fright at her and started running away. The fox was very hungry and wanted to eat Colobok, so she set out in pursuit of him. I'll eat him she decided. Colobok ran too fast and got tired soon.

He stayed near a fir-tree and saw, that a man felled her. Save me, dear Colobok! I can do something for you in the future! the fir asked. Colobok said the man: Don't fell the fir please! I'll give you some patties! The man liked what Colobok offered. They sat round the fir and had a rest.

Unexpectedly the fox ran. Colobok wanted to run away again, but the fir said: Don't be afraid, Colobok! I'll help you!

The tree threw her needles to Colobok and he became a nice Hedgehog.

The fox couldn't eat him because he was prickly. Now Colobok isn't a colobok. He's the prickly hedgehog. He proud of this very much. And he's grateful to the fir-tree for such a wonderful cloth!    

Alexandra Karyeva, a pupil of the 2nd form, Gymnasium (classic school) # 20, Kherson, Ukraine


Colobok it's a Russian traditional round pie without any stuffing